IQ Panel 2 is a 7” HD touchscreen with built-in 5MP camera and multiple wireless radios including LTE, Wi-Fi ac, Z-Wave Plus, BLE and the new S-Line secure 319.5 radio.

The IQ Panel 2 keeps you connected to an entire ecosystem of smart devices giving you control over your entire home.

The IQ Remote is a secondary tablet that pairs directly with the IQ Panel 2 using the built in router.

Not only does it provide a way to arm and disarm your IQ Panel 2 and see sensor status, but it gives you the features you don’t get in your mobile app like chimes, emergency panics, and a siren. 

The IQ Flood detects the presence of water and allows you to know when potential flooding occurs before extensive damage is done.

Great for installing at the base of water heaters, washing machines, sinks, and more. Includes a 6’ wire with water contact sensor.

The IQ Wrist Pendant is a single button device attached to a watch strap, used to trigger an emergency.* It is water resistant up to 1 meter and works within a range of up to 100′ from the panel making it easy to alert authorities to problems while enjoying a relaxing evening at home.

Easy install backplate and wiring for flexible mounting options Supports “Frequent Listening Routing Slaves” (FLiRS)
when installed on 4 AA batteries for long battery life Supports “Always Listening” operation on 24vAC, acts as a repeater when installed with 24vAC
The IQ Socket is a “smart” socket that can not only turn plugged in devices on or off, but can tell you the amount of power they are consuming at a particular time of usesage.
unlike other devices the IQ socket can monitor and control both its outlets.
The IQ Outlet plugs into any standard outlet converting it into a smart home accessory. You can turn On or Off appliances in your kitchen, create “smart” space heaters or plug in fans. The IQ Outlet even acts as a repeater to strengthen the performance of your Z-Wave network.
The IQ Dimmer is a Z-wave outlet that allows you to control a lamp or other plug in device remotely.
Create easy rules to automate your home, notifications that let you know when your light has been left on.
The IQ Lightbulb is a dimmable LED lightbulb with a Z-Wave radio. Easy to pair and long lasting, its the best way to turn every light socket in your home into a “smart” light. -Energy efficient (9 watts) -Bright (equivalent to 60 watts) 
  • The IQ Doorbell wires directly to a home’s existing indoor chime unit, turning any doorbell into a “smart” doorbell. The simple, elegant and cost-effective approach eliminates the need to retrofit the outdoor button while maintaining the existing pre-wired bell and chime. Instantly making your home smarter, the IQ Doorbell can turn on your porch light or tell your exterior video cameras to start recording. Recorded video clips can be sent directly to your mobile device via text or email, so you know who stopped by. The small form factor easily installs with a standard screw driver, boasts an 8-10-year battery life and supports two pre-wired bells.

  • Leave your keys at home. Lock and unlock your doors from your IQ Panel, your smart-phone, or with your own unique user code.

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The GC3 panel features 100 wireless zones, 100 user codes, our patent-pending CellSled(TM) cellular radio that can be installed via a side-panel door.  GC3 also has a USB port on top, for updating firmware plus dozens of new features like user bookmarks, ‘rooms’ for fast automation, and one-touch arm/disarm.


Keep an eye on your home with this 1.3 MP WiFi camera. Supports two-way audio and video storage to an internal memory card. 

    • H.264 & MJPEG video encoding
    • High resolution (1280 x 720)
    • IR illuminator for night vision
    • PIR motion sensor
    • Built-in SD micro slot for storage
    • WiFi, 802.11 b/g/n
    • Two-way audio (browser only)
    • 2GIG Video remote app for Apple® iOS®(iPhone® & iPad®) and Android® devices
    • Includes: camera, external power supply, screws, user manual, CD

    Camera intercom door bell

      • HD Video: See your visitor up to 1080p HD and 5x zoom.
      • Motion Sensor: SkyBell alerts you even if visitor doesn’t press button – providing additional security.
      • Live Monitoring: Monitor your front door at any time by starting the video from the app.
      • Free Video Recording: SkyBell can record each video so you download or watch them at any time.
      • Multiple Users: Multiple people can receive alerts to answer the door and you can have multiple device on each account.
      • Hear and Speak: 2 way audio means you can enjoy a full conversation with your visitor.
      • Activity History: Review the day’s events while you were away – includes missed visitors, answered video calls and motion alerts.
      • Color Night Vision: Feel safe knowing you can see a visitor at night – in full color HD video.
      • Quiet Mode: Turn off your home’s doorbell chime from the app so it won’t wake up a baby!
      • Snap Photos: Capture a photo of your visitor with the touch of a button.
      • Rugged: Only SkyBell can work between -40 and 140 degrees F.
      • 1080p HD video
      • On-demand viewing through camera at any time
      • Color night vision


      • Color touch screen interface

        Intuitive, user-friendly interface is found on the 2GIG GC2 System, your computer (internet) and web-enabled phone—providing your customers with access when and where they need it.

        GSM (cellular) radio

        The most reliable communication option available in the industry. No more concern with cut phone lines or the elimination of residential phone lines altogether.

        Integrated two-way voice

        GC2 allows the central station to listen in and talk to the homeowner when a signal is received.

        Built-in Z-Wave RF Protocol

        Customers can now control lighting, HVAC, and other Z-Wave appliances in the home right from the panel, web-enabled phone, or the internet. No need for extra hardware—it’s all contained within the GC2 panel. And this is just the beginning! Numerous money- and time-saving applications are currently being developed for 2GIG’s GC2 System.


        Interfaces available in English and Spanish
        Support materials available in English, French (Canadian), Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish

        Model Numbers:
        2GIG-CP21-345E (English)
        2GIG-CP21-345E2 (English)
        2GIG-CP21-345S (Spanish)
        2GIG-CP21-345C (French Canadian)

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